Girl with a Pearl Earring brooch (numbered)

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This brooch is an ode to the Girl with the Pearl Earring. The brooch is accompanied by a beautiful gift box.

Size: 41 mm x 51 mm
Material: metal with enamel colors
Closure: magnet

Do not use in combination with a pacemaker.

“There is no more Dutch art icon than this masterpiece by Johannes Vermeer,” argues Michael Barnaart. “As the equivalent of the Mona Lisa, the Girl with the Pearl Earring at the Mauritshuis thrills people from all over the world.”

Besides the beauty and poignant gaze that Golden Age painter Vermeer imparted to the mysterious youth, the use of colour and composition are also of such simplicity and power that the image immediately captivates. That iconic quality inspired Michael Barnaart to design a brooch inspired by the painting: “By simplifying the colours even further and abstracting the shapes, an exciting interplay of geometric elements was created. With the pearl at its centre, of course.”

De geëmailleerde broches zijn gegraveerd en hebben elk hun eigen nummer. This new piece of jewellery fits into Barnaart’s design tradition, in which strong images from both high and popular culture play an important role.


The brooch in the media:

Eigen Huis & Interieur






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