Miffy + Michael Barnaart brooch


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The world’s most famous rabbit now also has an iconic design by Michael Barnaart in her wardrobe. Miffy wears the Mondrian dress as an enamelled brooch.

‘Those stripes a very pretty, I like this painting too, but should I look this way or that? I’m not sure what to do!’ Miffy once said. She is a fan of the work of Piet Mondrian. Just like Michael Barnaart, who in turn is a fan of Dick Bruna’s best-known brainchild. With a brooch by Miffy in his famous Mondrian dress, the fashion designer brings about a logical but unique meeting between two of the most influential artists from the modern Dutch design tradition.

“Dick Bruna’s work is one of my earliest childhood memories; Miffy hung above my bed as a poster, ”says Barnaart. “The apparent simplicity, the strong lines and the striking colors are important sources of inspiration for my designs. The same elements struck me later in Mondrian’s work. ” When his Mondrian dress conquered the world at international exhibitions in 2011, the designer Bruna wrote a letter thanking him for his inspiration. “His handwritten response is still in my boutique,” ​​he beams. “A collaboration with Miffy has been high on my wish list ever since. Now that the Mondrian dress has been around for exactly ten years, the right time has come.

The enamelled brooch with magnetic closure is now available in the boutique and in the Museum shops of the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, the Kunstmuseum The Hague and the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. This collector’s item is accompanied by a nice storage box.

Size: 50 mm x 26 mm
Material: metal with enamelled colors
Closure: magnet

Do not use in combination with a pacemaker.

Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2021

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