Feather red – brooch (numbered)

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This brooch is a homage to the special history of Hotel Des Indes. The hotel in The Hague was built in 1858 as the city palace of Baron Van Brienen, advisor to King Willem III. The doorknob of the entrance doors of the Salon Van Brienen and the Ballroom, has a hole in the top, in which a white or red feather could be inserted. This way the servants knew exactly when they were or were not allowed to enter the room. White meant they could enter, but if the red feather was stuck in the doorknob, the Baron certainly didn’t want to be disturbed.

The Feather is available in white and burgundy. Each enamel brooch is engraved and numbered, which also makes it a unique collector’s item. The Feather is accompanied by a nice storage box. The white Feather is also available in Hotel Des Indes.

Strong images from both high and popular culture play an important role in the design of the brooches. By simplifying and abstracting shapes, a powerful and iconic image is created. The geometric compositions fit into the design tradition of Dutch design.

Size brooche: 41 mm x 60 mm
Material: metal
Closure: two pin closures

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