michael barnaart + kröller-müller museum

Jardin d’email is a huge work of art that artist Jean Dubuffet designed in 1974, especially for the Kröller Müller. What is so special about this artwork? It can be touched. It can even be walked and played on.

Recently Jardin d’Email has undergone extensive restoration, making the work of art accessible again. To pay tribute to artist Jean Dubuffet and his Jardin d’Email, the Dutch designer Michael Barnaart designed this very exclusive poncho with scarf.

The artwork Jardin d’Email is mainly characterized by the contrasting black lines on the radiant white background. This unique graphic design was the source of inspiration for Michael Barnaart. He has designed a new interplay of lines based on Jardin d’émail. This line pattern is knitted in the fabric, so that the poncho and scarf can be worn on two sides. The poncho and scarf are both made of the same material, namely 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and are delivered together as one set in a luxury hardcover case.

These 50 sets are available exclusively and in a limited edition in the museum shop and through the Kröller-Müller Museum webshop.