how sustainable is my dress?

The production of the knitted items takes place in a traditional Dutch knitting workshop, which is of course bound by the applicable legislation regarding remuneration and working conditions. Characteristic of the knitting technique is that a measured piece of fabric is produced per pattern part, so that only a minimal amount of residual waste is produced.

The yarns for Michael Barnaart’s designs are made from fair trade cotton and acrylic. For its manufacture, the German manufacturer generates bio and solar heat itself, and reuses the residual heat that is released during the painting process. Waste and rain water is also used, which is subsequently treated internally. In this way the ecological footprint is kept to a minimum.

Everything comes together in the Tricomatic. By offering a personalized design on demand, Michael Barnaart turns the chain around and thereby avoids unnecessary production, polluting transport and large-scale residual waste. In addition, a self-assembled product increases the involvement of consumers, as a result of which a garment changes from anonymous disposable item into a dear product for many years to enjoy.


The designs show a world that is positive, surprising, timeless and durable. The collection is made ​​for people who follow their own path. Once in a while it is good to check your route, maybe another way must be taken. Regardless following the current fashion and beliefs leads anyway to the least freedom and the least fun. Dare to be yourself!


The importance of everyday things is only understood if it is missing or if it is applied in a different way. An illustrated cutting line in a coupons booklet has a different meaning than on a dress. Research into everyday elements provides insight into the past and the present. Connecting ‘high’ authentic culture and consumer culture is characteristic of the collection. The Mondrian Dress is purchased by Centraal Museum in Utrecht to describe De Stijl (The Style Movement) and cartoon character Jans Tromp (from the Dutch cartoon Jan, Jans en de kinderen – translated as Jack, Jackie and the juniors) wears the same dress to entertain the readers of Libelle magazine. The relationship of the user with the product determines the cultural value.


Good design is clear, accessible and timeless. Every design should be able to conquer your heart, both in the functional sense (easy and comfortable to wear) and visually. The Dutch De Stijl (The Style movement) and Scandinavian simplicity are united with Italian ingenuity and French flair. Striking graphic design and sophisticated use of color are important elements. Each design is authentic, lasting and stylish.


The collection is finely crafted in the Netherlands. High quality and craftsmanship, love and passion, attention to the environment, honesty and sincerity, good working conditions, transparency and cooperation are important elements. Due to the long life of all products, Michael Barnaart and the user together contribute to a minimum impact on the environment.