kunstmuseum wolfsburg

Photo: Marek Kruszewski

From March 11 to July 16, Mondrian III can be seen at the exhibition ‘Re-Inventing Piet. Mondrian and the Consequences’ (Re-Inventing Piet.
Mondrian und die Folgen) in Wolfsburg Art Museum (Germany).

This museum piece is being recreated in a limited edition of 15 for this special occasion: order the Mondrian III here >>

In 2011 I designed a series of three Mondrian dresses. The design Mondrian III has been purchased by Centraal Museum Utrecht. This design is now on loan to the art museum in Germany.

Mondrian III is an afterimage of the original Mondrian dress. That may sound complicated, but you can experience it in a fun way. Stare at the white cross on the dress for 30 seconds. Then look at the black cross on the empty white space next to it.

Now you see the afterimage: the Mondrian dress, with a surprise. The square on the shoulder is not red, but yellow: the missing primary color in my original Mondrian dress!