start jubilee 100 years de stijl

The year 2017 is marked by 100 years anniversary of De Stijl movement. On June 29 Mariëtte Pennarts, member of the Provincial Executive Utrecht, unveiled in Hoog Catharijne the 17-meter visual devoted to this theme year ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’. She was wearing the Mondrian dress by Michael Barnaart van Bergen.

2017 is the year when we celebrate 100 years of designing the future. It started with the art movement De Stijl in 1917, with characteristics that can be seen in today’s Dutch Design. The storyline ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design’ takes visitors across the Netherlands to interesting places with works from De Stijl period and contemporary design. Museums, heritage sites and events in the Netherlands bring the work of top designers to the central attention and honor artists like Mondrian, Rietveld, Van der Leck and Van Doesburg.