michael barnaart presents: the tricomatic

Michael Barnaart takes a new step with his fashion brand. On Wednesday October 31, he launches the Tricomatic. With this smart configurator it is possible to personalize designs according to your own taste and needs.

Mass production dominates the fashion world. Many garments are produced in huge quantities and far from home to keep costs low. The overproduction, transport and the resulting large amount of waste damage the planet. In his pursuit of a sustainable world and optimally satisfied customers, Barnaart turns the production chain around with the Tricomatic.

With this step the designer adjusts the manufacturing process to individual wishes. First, customers assemble their perfect item by making their own color combinations using a true-to-life configurator. Only then does the unique, traditional garment go into production. With this, Barnaart is at the crossroads of customization and confection.

Whatever the outcome, Barnaart’s handwriting remains clearly recognizable. “I will always design new fits and designs myself,” he says. “In addition, depending on the season and the basic design, I always create new color palettes with which customers can make combinations according to their own wishes. I call that curated customization. ”

Barnaart hopes that the Tricomatic increases the involvement of customers in both his work and the environment. “By creating a whole new piece of clothing with me, you as a customer are also creators. That is an exciting and inspiring experience for both of us. And the great thing is that together we fight the battle against overproduction,” says the designer.

The unique garments from the Tricomatic are manufactured in the same Dutch atelier as the series-manufactured items. For that reason, the prices of individual orders are of the same level and the waiting time is only four weeks. The big design experiment with the Dripping dress from the Classics collection starts on Wednesday 31 October, followed by more designs soon.

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